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Renee weight loss doctorRenee from Perrysburg, Ohio started out at 266 pounds and transformed herself!Read her story.Tiffany weight loss dietTiffany, from Bowling Green, Ohio, had 4 kids and 4 back surgeries and still lost weight. Read more.Free Online Doctor Approved Diet Chicago's Omar Samara lost 85 pounds from April 2012 through December 2012! Without exercise! You can do it too!
A free, healthy, easy to follow, physician approved diet that works!

Other diets have come along over the years and advanced our knowledge of metabolism, nutrition and weight loss. The Alo Diet aims to take all of the information from previous diets, improve on certain aspects, eliminate concepts that have been proven wrong, and bring us up to date on everything we know on diet and weight loss.

  • What have we learned from other diets?
  • Why is the Alo Diet different?
  • Why do women have trouble losing weight?
  • Is Obesity genetic?
  • Never feel hungry
  • Calculating your Body Mass Index
  • How to break through a plateau
  • Substitution
  • Losing weight year round
  • Do I have to count calories
  • You don't have to exercise to lose weight
  • Things humans should never eat
  • Diabetes and weight loss
  • You can eat cholesterol
  • Stop blaming your thyroid

While other diets require you to buy the book, pay for food, subscribe, pay fees, register for their website, The Alo Diet doesn't require any of that.

The Alo Diet doesn't require registration, fees, nor purchases. You don't even have to register for our website!

Click over to the book section and start reading and start losing weight!

Totally Free!

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